An introduction: Bertill Nordahl

Bertill Nordahl is a danish writer who is known for writing and speaking about the meaning of gender in a person's life. For the past 35 years he has been active in the debate of gender, gender roles, gender politics and equality between men and women, in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, where he mainly has written and spoken about boys and men's situation in the society.

Bertill Nordahl writes books for both children and adolescents and adults, both fiction and special literature and debate. He debuted as a writer in 1978 and has since written over 80 books. At the heart of Bertill Nordahls children's books is the long collaboration with artist Jesper Tom-Petersen from 1983-2005, where they wrote and drew 18 children's books together.

Bertill Nordahl has since 2002 published books with his wife Lene Hein Sørensen. These include the popular Pair dance novel trilogy about four middle age people, two men and two women, in one year of their lives, four month in each novel. And also the most read, and very well review novel trilogy for adolescents, the Yusuf trilogy – about the life in an immigrant family with the 17-year old Yusuf as the main character.

In addition, the author couple has written travel books from Italy, South America, Australia and San Francisco – and books about growing vegetables in their garden in Skoghult, Sweden – and books with photographs, collages and drawings.

In 2010 the book "Gender" was publish – a very important book in Bertill Nordahls work as a writer and debater of gender, because he in this book has collected a selection of 60 articles, feature articles, essays and interviews about gender roles, gender politics and equality between the two genders, from the period 1976-2010. A period of 34 years, covering five decades.

In 2014 another very important book was published - "All these words, text excerpts 1978-2013". The book, which contains 745 pages, has this back cover text: "Bertill Nordahl debuted as a writer in 1978 and has since written over eighty books. The text excerpts in this book cover a period of 35 years. Between 1978 and 2013. Spread over 5 decades: the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 0000's and 0010's. Bertill Nordahl is primarily known as a gender debater, commentator and speaker on gender, where he has lectured on the importance of gender in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Faroe Islands and Germany. But he also has a large and diverse authorship that best can be described as a colorful bouquet of flowers, which are divided into books for children, adolescents and adults. "All these words" is not a book that analyzes Bertill Nordahls authorship. Instead, there are commented text excerpts in chronological order from the whole authorship, which together form a picture of the author and the human being Bertill Nordahl. Therefore, "All these words" can also be read as a loosely sketched autobiography."

In the foreword Bertill Nordahl write: "My life is reflected in my writing, and my writing is reflected in my life. I see my books as postcards and letters from the journey that life is. I have, to this day, written 82 very different books, and have sent 82 very different postcards and letters from my life journey. Ever since I was a young man of 27 years and until now, where I am 62 years old, I have been writing. There are authorships, where there is a close connection between the author´s life and his writing. My authorship is such an authorship, where life and work, work and life, are intertwined. I write, because I have something to say. I write, because I have something, I want to recount. I write, because I have something, I want to tell. I write, because I have something, I want to express, opinions and feelings and experiences, insights and knowledge. I write, draw and paint almost every day. It is the filter that I experience life through. It is the membrane everything is filtered through. That is the way I understand life. The words and the sentences, the lines and shapes and colors, is a constant and continuous process, either in my mind or in concrete work. The existence and the identity – it is all filtered and understood through the daily creative processes and creates the meaning of life."

Bertill Nordahl was born in 1951 in Copenhagen. He is the eldest of 6 siblings. His father worked in the danish military, and his mother was a housewife. He spent his childhood and youth in Ellsinore and in Aalborg. He was an 800-meter runner in the track & field athletics club AIK, Vejgaard from 1964-1972, where he achieved several danish records, and he was also a member of the danish national team in track & field athletics. When the city of Copenhagen celebrated its 800 years birthday in 1968 and held an Olympic for youth around the world, Bertill Nordahl won the 800-meter race.

Bertill Nordahl is educated as a teacher 1971-75, and worked as a teacher in the Danish primary school from 1975-1990, in Esbjerg, Copenhagen and Espergærde. He debuted as a painter in 1975 on Meyers Gallery in Esbjerg. He was active in the Movement for Men from 1975-1982, and he was a draft resister, a conscientious objector, in 1976-77.

Bertill Nordahl became a fulltime writer and author in 1990, and he became his own publisher in 1995, where he founded Nielsens Publishing. Since then, he has published his own and others authors books.

Bertill Nordahl was a lecturer from 1993-2006 and held more than thousand lectures about gender in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Faroe Islands and Germany.

Bertill Nordahl has two children: Sebastian, 1979-2012, and Laura, 1982-.

Today Bertill Nordahls life is split between Copenhagen, Denmark, where he had an apartment in Brønshøj and Skoghult in Småland in Sweden, where he spent most of his time together with his wife Lene Hein Sørensen - in an old red wooden house, an old school, from 1864.