Bertill Nordahl and Lene Hein Sørensen's life is divided between Brønshøj in Copenhagen, Denmark, where they have an apartment – and Skoghult in Småland, Sweden, where they have their main base, in a red wooden house, an old school, from 1864. Lene and Bertill grow all kinds of organic vegetables, berries and fruits in their garden. You can follow the work in the garden in the e-book "Our vegetable garden" from 2012.

Lene and Bertill also write books together. They have done so since 2002-03, when they wrote the popular Pair dance trilogy about four middle-aged people in a year of their lives, four months in each novel. And in 2007-08 they wrote the widely read and critically acclaimed Yusuf trilogy about an immigrant family with the 17 year old Yusuf as the main character. In addition – Lene and Bertill has written the novels "What I have lost" (2006) and "Water diamonds in play" (2009).

Bertill and Lene take regularly on long journeys, which has resulted in these travel books: "The journey to Italy" (2007), "The journey to South America" (2008), "The journey to Australia" (2012) and "The journey to San Francisco" (2014). Lene and Bertill also create and produce books with photographs, collages and drawings. All Lene and Bertills books exist as physical books and e-books.

Bertill have already been presented on the website, now it is time to introduce Lene: Lene was born on 12 March 1950 at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. She spend her first four years of life in the neighborhood around Vølund Street in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, before she and her older brother and parents moved to Birkerød in North Zealand, 17 miles outside Copenhagen, where she lived until she left home at the age of 20 year. Before that, Lene had gone to school at Bistrup School, where she went until the seventh grade, after which she continued to Birkerød High School, where she graduated in 1969.

Then followed a period of two years from 1969-71, where Lene was doing different kind of things: She worked at Ebberødgård in Birkerød, an institution for mental ill people; she took a course at Krogerup Folk High School; she trained to be a travel guide on Mallorca; she worked as a nurse at Rigshospitalet.

This was followed by four years at Blågårds Teacher Training College 1971-1975. Lene choose not to work as a teacher immediately, but had a one-year period 1975-76, where she worked with drug addicts in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Now followed a 5-year period from 1976-1981, where Lene worked as a teacher at Engholmskolen in Allerød. This period was followed by a 19-year period from 1981-2000, where she worked as a teacher at a school for "difficult" children, Tokkekøbskolen in Allerød.

Lene become a mother in 1983, where she gave birth to her son Søren. She has been a very active jogger and participated from 1988-1999 in numerous runs, including seven marathons, five in Copenhagen and two in Berlin. Lene stopped as a teacher in 2000 and in 2001 she trained to become a masseur and masseur therapist within the Swedish Axelson Institute in Copenhagen. Lene had her own clinic from 2002-2006 in Østerbro, Copenhagen. She closed the clinic when she and Bertill moved to Skoghult in 2006.